Fairway Printing offers professional graphic design services that give beauty, form and function to text and images. We take your message, consider the target audience, and compose a design concept to meet your needs.

Logo Development
Fairway provides logo development, design and marketing direction that is tailored to your product. We help you communicate with your customer through design. The attractive use of color, shape, and type can draw attention to your company and your product. We use professional design software and provide high quality files that can be used for all of your marketing needs.

Print Design (whether we print your project or not)
Fairway offers full concept print design as well as design from your direction. We will design your print files for the highest quality output. We offer photo enhancements, design creation, and typography for everything that can be printed with ink. And since we are in the printing business, we know what will work on the substrate of choice and we will design for the end result. Many designers design for web and are not familiar with the differences between print and web design. Often designing low resolution products that may look good on screen, but aren’t prepared properly for printing. We take into account the color differences between web and print, visual challenges for both, and design for the best possible outcome.

Web Design
Fairway offers web design that will complement your business. We will work with you to market your business to your target audience. Creating designs that convey your message with the metadata to ensure that your site is detected by search engines, so that your customer can find you. Designs that are equally appealing on a computer screen or a mobile device.

Product/Site Photo Services
Fairway offers product photo services and site photo services. Photos are often used to draw a customer in so that they want more information. We will professionally photograph your products, people or location for use in print and web design.

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